Pre-Travel Tips

1) Passport & Visa: Always check your passport before travelling; it should be valid at least 6 months from your date of return. Check visa requirement for destination and transit country, visa requirements wary status to status.

2) ID in Luggage: Always put your name, telephone phone number and address of your destination inside and on the outside of your luggage. In case your luggage is misplaced in transit it can be easily located and can catch up to you quickly.

3) Photocopy of Documents: Always keep photocopy of important documents separately like, passport, travelers' checks, and credit card. This way even if you lose your documents you can prove your identity to authorities and can alert your card company.

4) Travel Light: Always take only what you need during your trip; if suitcases are heavy, you are the one who is going to carry them.

5) Clothing & Toiletries in Hand Bag: Always take small size toiletries and one change of clothing. In case airline loses your luggage you don't need to go to the market immediately to buy clothes and toiletries.

6) Prescription Medicine: Always take more than required prescription medicines, just in case. If you wear glasses, take one extra pair.

7) Camera Batteries: Always check the batteries in your cameras before your trip. While film is readily available, it might be difficult to find exactly the right battery for your camera.

8) Destination Country's Laws: Always check destination country's laws before travel. For example if you spit chewing gum in Singapore, they will book you in criminal offence. (To be sure check out the State Department's Traveler Advisories).

9) Vaccination: Always make sure you are protected against local illnesses. This is especially important if you are going away from the big cities and into some of the rural areas. Drink only bottled water and use it even for rinsing while brushing your teeth. Eat only freshly cooked food and avoid leftovers. Avoid areas where mosquitoes tend to be active.

10) Itinerary with Relatives & Friends: Always leave your itinerary with friends or relatives. This way they can contact you if there's an emergency back home and it's always good for someone to know where you are.

For all the travel enthusiasts, this read on is a must. After all, it’s not only the booking of the tickets that make the entire journey pleasant and easy. There is a lot more to do before you step out for your vacation. ID in Luggage: do not forget to put your name, your address and phone number on the luggage inside and on the outside. If at all your luggage is misplaced during the transit, it will be easy to reach you. Visa and Passport: check for the Visa requirements for destination and transit country, they vary status to the status. Also check the passport pre travelling, it should be valid six months from your return journey date. Photocopy of Documents: all the important documents should be photocopied and kept in a separate folder in your luggage bag. These include the passport, credit card and traveller’s checks. In case if you lose your original documents, these will help you prove your identity to the authorities, and you can also reach your card company and alert them about the loss so as to take further action. Pack Wisely: keep in mind that you alone will suffer if you carry heavy luggage. So take the necessary things only. Toiletries and clothing: in case the airlines lose the luggage, you do not need to rush to the market to purchase another set of toiletries. Keep these things in the handbag with you. Medicine: always take some extra medicines. Vaccination: it is very important to protect yourself from local diseases. And especially if you are travelling to small villages from big cities. Laws of Destined Country: check the destined country’s laws will help you from all sorts of criminal offences there. So be sure to follow these simple guidelines and make the journey easy and comfortable.

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