Tips for Flight

1. Book a good seat: Even in the same class there are many good seats like exit row, bulk head or aisle seat for more leg space and you can get up every one hour to stretch, opt for window seat if you want to sleep. Avoid seats near toilets/lavatories as one lavatory is used by approximately 50 passengers and they will bump in your seat or noise and light every time door is opened will disturb you, if you are trying to sleep.

2. Sleep: If you want to sleep bring your own travel pillow or head restraint and put one pillow in the small of your back for comfort.

3. Entertainment: Movies might take some time to start and you may not like music selection so bring your own iPod, Game boy, Nintendo or CD player.

4. Books and Magazines: Bring some latest magazine or a good book to keep you busy in the flight otherwise it can be very boring.

5. Bring Headphones: Bringing your own headphone is a good idea as headphones available on the plane are of very poor quality.

6. Minimize carry-on luggage: One backpack is enough for the plane as it might find a place in the overhead bins than for a large roller bags.

7. Meal: Order your special mean 24 hours before the flight. You can request low- salt, low-fat, vegetarian, kosher, or diabetic-designed meals, passengers with special meal request always served first. If you don't like the choice of food they serve then bring your own food.

8. Avoid Dehydration: Drink lot of water during the flight as air in flight is very dry and you lose 1.5 lit of water in 3 hours flight. You should carry your own bottle of water and nonalcoholic, no caffeinated, no salty beverage and drink it each hour.

9. Ear Problem: If you tend to have ear problems on ascent or descent, or if you're suffering from congestion, consider taking a decongestant beforehand and an hour before landing if the flight lasts longer than the duration of the medicine. Nasal sprays also may be helpful. Even if you're having a good ear day, chew gum or swallow often to equalize the pressure; this problem is easier to solve before it becomes severe.

10. Exercise: To avoid DVT (Deep vein thrombosis) don't sit for long hours in the flight, get up every two hours and walk and do stretching exercise.

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