Airline Info

Qantas Airways QF 1-800-227-4500
Qatar Airways OR 1-877-777-2827
Royal Air Maroc AT 1-800-344-6726
Santa Barbara Airlines S3 1-866-213-2457
Saudi Arabian Airlines SV 1-800-472-8342
Scandinavian Airlines System (SAS) SK 1-800-221-2350
Singapore Airlines SQ 1-800-742-3333
South African Airways SA 1-800-722-9675
Spanair JK 1-888-545-5757
Spirit Airlines NK 1-800-772-7117
Srilankan Airlines UL 1-877-915-2652
Sun Country Airlines SY 1-800-359-6786
Sunwing Airlines WG 1-877-877-1755
Swiss International Airlines LX 1-877-359-7947
TACA International Airlines TA 1-800-400-8222
TAM Linhas Aereas JJ 1-888-235-9826
TAM Mercosur PZ 1-888-235-9826
TAP Portugal TP 1-800-221-7370
Thai Airways TG 1-800-426-5204
Tropic Air PM 1-800-422-3435
Turkish Airlines (THY) TK 1-800-874-8875
Ukraine International Airlines PS 1-800-876-0114
United Airlines UA 1-800-538-2929
US Airways US 1-800-428-4322
V Australia VA 1-800-444-0260
Vietnam Airlines VN 1-415-677-8909
Virgin America VX 1-877-359-8474
Virgin Atlantic VS 1-800-821-5438
West Coast Air 8O 1-800-347-2222
Westjet WS 1-888-937-8538
Windward Island Airways WM 1-866-466-0410

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